To me, cooking isn't about following a recipe. However, I find it flattering when a friend or family member asks me for one. Not a Cheat Meal was created for just that reason—a place where my friends and family can find the recipes I love to make, and any tips I have for living a healthier lifestyle while being a busy human. If you're someone I don't know, then awesome! This place is for you too.

Why the name "Not a Cheat Meal"? Well, I tend to mostly stick to a paleo diet during the weekdays. That means, I prioritize meats and veggies with a dose of fruits, nuts, and healthy fats. I stay away from anything with added sugar, grains, legumes (beans!), and dairy as much as I possibly can during the week. Am I perfect at it? Nope. C'mon, I LOVE me some cheese. Chips and salsa is probably one of my favorite food combinations. I also train at a CrossFit gym 4-5 days a week. Eating this way, helps me have huge amounts of energy throughout the day to accomplish what I need to—whether that be at work or at the gym. When I do eat out, I don't restrict myself, but I don't go wild unless it's a really special occasion.

Fact: Sometimes I will include the following un-paleo items into my diet: brown rice, quinoa, red potatoes, grass fed butter, & soy sauce.

Here at Not a Cheat Meal, you probably won't find lengthy stories on the background of each dish. I'm sorry if you like that kind of thing. But to be honest, the recipes I make all have a similar story—it's good and good for you. Don't worry, if I have important notes about a dish, I'll be sure to tell you! What you will find here is simple, tasty, and most importantly healthy recipes that I love to cook on a regular weekday basis. You will also find tips for living a healthier lifestyle (think: meal planning, eating leftovers for breakfast, EATING breakfast in general) while still keeping a busy schedule. I truly hope you enjoy, and if you do, I encourage you to share Not a Cheat Meal with your friends, and make sure to follow me on some or all the social medias. Cheers!